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Cocaine is the NEW Form of Life

From harvesting to production, COCAINE is how farmers get food on their table in Columbia. 

According to the article, "Cocaine Resurgence," by Pablo Bolanos, People don't harvest the plant for fun. They need to sell the drug in order to survive. The president of Columbia understands that families have to harvest cocaine, so he created a two-year program that will the farmers with up to $10,000 as long as they stop harvesting the plant. Unfortunately. the program actually created more people to harvest the plant in order to sign up for the program. To even worsen the situation, the Colombian government made the choice to stop spraying the crops because the World Health Organization stated that the spray was cancerous.

 Cocaine is the second deadliest

overdose drug according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.
Opioids coming in at first. A positive result for cocaine in a drug test has significantly rose by 12% within a year. It is much harder to get treatment from a cocaine addiction. Treatment consists of cognitive behavioral therapy. The therapy is meant to help your mental health by boosting your happiness and emotions. Users that get addicted range from the ages of 18-25, and that totals to about 1.2 million people. Sadly, cocaine is considered a Schedule 2 drug, meaning it is highly addictive and it will easily mess up your brain. The age that the drug is attacking is dangerous because those are the people who are new to the workforce. If more people start to retire, their will be a lot of open positions that can not be filled. If the addiction continues to rise, the U.S. economy will go down. 

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Author: Joscelyn Mendoza
Date: May 24, 2018